8 Best Ways To Raise Funds For Charity Events

8 Best Ways To Raise Funds For Charity Events

Covid-19 experience has a significant impact on people. People have cared for one another during such crises. People who need help have benefited from the generous support of various people.

It is not always possible to make money individually to meet a specific purpose. A collective hand can make it possible. Especially while dealing with healthcare, the treatment, medicines, and vaccine are sometimes too costly. 

Crowdfunding technology has served its purpose during such instances. Many crowdfunding platforms have actively supported raising money and helping the needy. 

Fundraising ideas for charity

Charity organizations depend on fundraising as their income source, raising money and spreading the good word about a genuine cause requiring financial support. 

How do you select who to fundraise for?

Charitable organizations are huge. How is that you select among those? Mainly choose a cause that you value and syncs with your values. Perhaps, you may even wish to give back to the charity where you got help.

Fundraising planning 

Before going ahead with a fundraising idea, having a goal is essential. Whether you have experience or are just a beginner, a proper plan can help you understand your goals concerning time, effort, investment, etc. 

Even you can stay motivated and make progress to attain fundraising objectives quickly. 

How to determine the fundraising goals 

  • What cause do you wish to raise money?
  • Why do you wish to raise money
  • How much amount do you wish to raise 
  • Whom to approach for support 
  • The time target to accomplish the goal

Fundraising ideas 

You could have a range of ideas on your list, which can be accomplished on time with people’s support.

1. Conduct an Art Auction

Maybe you have some artwork at your home that is left unattended. The best idea could be to sell them at an art auction. Doing it on your own takes time. So, you should check out auctions willing to sell your art pieces for some money in exchange. 

You can raise money, and at the same time, your art piece will be valued.

2. Art show

Are you passionate about singing, dancing, or good at making some sculptures? You can present your creative work by hosting an art show. 

You can set an admission fee and even set up a special counter for donations by being transparent about the money’s purpose. This attracts more people’s attention. As a result, you get an opportunity to showcase your talent while making money by serving a genuine purpose. 

3. Talent show

If you know some performers and venues, the best choice would be to host a talent show where people of different skill sets can showcase their performances. Set a reasonable admission fee and a donation counter stating clearly how the collected funds will be contributed. 

4. Cake decorating contest 

The cake decorating contest is a great fundraising idea to help people compete for the best cake chef title. The contestants can bring cakes by themselves, or you can supply them. After decoration, people can opt for the best for money. 

Everyone can have a slice of cake at last. Watching all the cakes decorated is enjoyable, while you can also make finance.

5. Photography 

If you are good at photography, you can take pictures of nature, people and animals. For this, you require a camera and some lighting equipment. You can charge a little amount for sending them to interested people online or in a printed form with an appealing frame. 

6. Conduct an art class

Putting your artistic abilities to use by teaching them to interested people can help you make money. For this, you require minimum facilities and a place to start.

Let people know about it through flyers, social media, and orally telling your family, friends, and relatives about the classes you will be conducting.

7. Walkathons

Walkathons best suit health-related causes. However, it can be used for any fundraising effort. The time and location have to be planned before. Also, choose a day with not too high or low temperatures. Also, take care the day is not a rainy day. 

Post this, give out the invitations, and create some exciting t-shirts. You can charge some extra fees for it apart from the admission fees. Also, ensure the first-aid kit, an ambulance, and services to handle emergencies. 

8. Letters 

Letter writing is a great way to raise money for your project or event. You can create some compelling letters asking for volunteers, donations, sponsorships, etc. The letters have to be genuine and personal.

You can even use letters to redirect people to your crowdfunding page. A self-addressed envelope should be included along with your letter to encourage people to send checks. Take care that the donors do contribute the amount as cash.


All the above ways suggest effective means for raising money. Reaching out for help can make significant benefits. ONPASSIVE’s O-Bless is an effective platform for raising funds for various good causes.