College Education Crowdfunding

College Education Crowdfunding

How to Crowdfund College Education? 

If you don’t have enough cash for your college education, try the education crowdfunding campaign and raise money. Though it appears complicated, many students did it successfully.

If you are good at marketing online and have a real purpose to state, crowdfunding is an ideal solution for your college education. 

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is making money online from the generosity of family, friends, and relatives to serve a purpose. The case here is a college education.

All you have to do is set up an online crowdfunding page and promote it on the internet with the hope of making money from generous people. You utilize the fundraising page to tell the public your concern and your financial target to accomplish. 

Genuinely mention the correct amount you require. Keep it reasonable. If you set up too costly targets, you might not make anything. 

Conditions when choosing to crowdfund

1. For instance, if you get the required amount of your tuition fee through a tuition fee loan, you need not crowdfund the instance.

International students often use crowdfunding as the tuition fees are relatively high compared to the home students, and they do not receive it from the government. Crowdfunding could be the best choice if you can prove that you cannot win without the generosity of the people.

Do you have any reason you are desperate to accomplish a particular course? If yes, talk about your story as the potential investors would like to know. 

Advantages of college education crowdfunding 

Gain publicity: Your crowdfunding campaign receives the limelight. Publicity is significant to enhance the chances of reaching your target. 

Marketing impressive: Successful crowdfunding campaign recognizes your marketing efforts and commitment.

Good experience: If your crowdfunding campaign is successful, you will experience the trust people put in you and feel encouraged to work even hard. 

Disadvantages of college education crowdfunding 

1. You might experience pressure to be good at your studies as others have financed you.

2. Depending on your chosen crowdfunding platform, your amount could be refunded if you do not meet your target. 

3. You could sometimes experience criticism from people, especially those who have funded you, the media, and the general public. You will probably have supporters too. 

4. Certain platforms charge fees for fundraising or can charge a certain percentage of the amount raised. 

How to maximize your reach in public:

1. Write a blog. A blog or a YouTube channel will be a great way to tell your story. Ensure to link to it from the fundraising page. This way, people will realize why you are asking for help. 

2. Establish connections: Be in touch with people who can help you, and ask them to pass the information on to others so that more people come to know about your goal. Hence your success chances are also high.

3. Approach your campaign creatively to stand out from the rest. Promote your campaign on social media platforms. Also, contact the journalists and the potential donors individually. 

4. Be realistic. Setting high targets can create a loss.

5. Keep donors updated about your performance in studies and how you have used the money for the cause. 

Crowdfunding websites for students 

1. Crowdfunder

Crowdfunder is a community-focused platform. So, this platform is applicable and worthy for those interested in environmental arts, social studies, and related subjects. Also, the platform supports raising funds for personal causes and charities. Crowdfunder charges specific fees.

2. GoFundMe

The platform best serves individuals with an exciting story about the struggle to get to a university. The platform charges a transaction fee that will minimize your funds by a certain amount.

3. O-Bless 

O-Bless helps create beneficial campaigns for students. The platform supports uploading some engaging and motivating videos. The platform supports the need even if you wish to support a specific charity project or an emergency requirement. 


Crowdfunding has proved to be a valuable tool enabling people to raise money from contributors globally. Before getting ahead, it is essential to review the governing laws carefully and then take the step forward.