Crowdfunding In India Simplified And Explained

Crowdfunding In India Simplified And Explained


Crowdfunding In India is an exciting new trend that is gaining popularity in the country. It is all about crowdsourcing for small projects that are deemed essential and feasible. The concept is similar to that of the USA online fundraising. However, the process of online Crowdfunding in India is comparatively more straightforward and more convenient. That means you do not have to spend sleepless nights finding a dependable Crowdfunding provider.

Select A Suitable Project

If you wish to Crowdfund, you first need to select a suitable project. The chosen project must be of unique interest, and it should have the potential to generate revenue. Thorough research on the target audience is also very crucial. For example, if your Crowdfunding project deals with social good, choosing an area with a demand for social good will help. For instance, if you are looking for funds for quality education for the kids in underdeveloped countries, there is no use in crowdsourcing education materials for a project that will not generate any revenue. On the other hand, selecting a project that can bring in revenue will prove to be fruitful.

Reliable Online Crowdfunding Provider

Once the research has been done, it is time to look for a reliable online Crowdfunding provider. Therefore is done by going through the websites of different providers. An excellent way to start searching is to search for ‘Crowdfunding in India’ and look for testimonials. From there, read through the website carefully and make notes of any negative or positive experiences. If the Crowdfunding provider has contacted you or is showing clear signs of being genuine, then there is a strong possibility that your project will get its required funding. One of the best Crowdfunding platforms is ONPASSIVE, which provides non-profit funding and helps new idea businesses succeed.

Register Your Details With Them

As soon as you are sure of the legitimacy of the online provider, please register your details with them. Usually, the process of registration is free. Keep in mind that this information is essential and should not be shared without it. You will need such information for verification purposes after your application has been approved and the fund released. Make sure that your details are secured before you submit any request for online funds.

Tie Ups Help Spread The Word

Many organizations offering online services involving Online Crowdfunding have tie-ups with other reputable organizations and well-established online product companies. Through these tie-ups, these companies will be able to spread the word about your project even further and generate additional funds for it. One of the easiest ways of finding potential companies is through internet searches.

Online Resources Help Find A Host

There are undoubtedly online resources that are dedicated solely to this task. These resources work in tandem with the online lenders, which extend the opportunities to the potential crowd. Such companies may be charging a small subscription fee, but it is generally very reasonable. As a result, they are trendy amongst those looking to raise finance for their unique projects. Therefore, by using their services, one can easily find a host of options available to them.

Pay Once Get Funded

It is important to note that some of these companies offer their services on a ‘pay once get funded’ basis. Further means that the company will collect the details of the individual who wishes to fund the project and contact the individual after being accepted as a valid client by the fund provider. The details are then stored in the company’s database till the time the project is successfully funded. Once the project is completed, the fund provider will no longer keep the individual’s name.

Wrapping Up

Crowdfunding in India is excellent for those who wish to fund their projects on a global platform. Such platforms usually charge a nominal fee. However, some well-established companies provide the opportunity to access these services at no cost at all. Thus, it ensures that anyone who participates in online fundraising can do so without worrying about initial costs. Companies like ONPASSIVE offer a wide variety of options for individuals to fund their projects, and it is recommended to explore such opportunities before settling down for one option.