Essential Tips for Your First Virtual Fundraising Event

Essential Tips for Your First Virtual Fundraising Event

Ways To Organize A Fundraising Event?

So you want to organize a virtual gathering? Digital fundraising is a cost-effective and efficient approach to reaching a large audience and engaging with partners and donors. And preparing an event online must be more accessible than planning an event in person, right? That’s not entirely true.

Some event planners are astonished to discover that arranging a virtual event isn’t as simple as they thought. Having an online event greatly outweigh the disadvantages, and with the proper guidance, you can accomplish it! 

The Different Types Of Virtual Events

Virtual fundraising and internet contributions have become commonplace for organizations worldwide. While some have found ways to include online elements into their current campaigns, others have gone all-in on completely online events.

There are many ways to leverage the Internet’s potential to attract donations and maximize profits. Consider allowing sellers and bidders from all seven continents to participate in your online auction. It’s entirely feasible today!

Are You Feeling Inspired Yet?

Virtual fundraising events are available in a variety of formats. You’ll need to pick the type of virtual event you want to create before you start brainstorming. Let’s get started!

Entirely Virtual Events

Virtual fundraising is an entirely online campaign or event that allows people to participate in your cause anywhere. Nonprofits employ technology to market, engage, and execute their fundraising efforts because it takes place online.

A virtual fundraising event can help you’re nonprofit expand its reach significantly. Because virtual events are virtual, they can be set up fast and distributed to many people. Virtual fundraisers are also highly adaptable, so the possibilities for what your organization may create and implement are virtually endless.

Event Mixtures

Hybrid events combine fundraising best practices with technology to create seamless giving experiences.

An online and in-person fundraising event is a hybrid fundraising event. You may connect individuals who wish to interact in person with others who would instead engage electronically by using a Livestream to connect them to your circumstances. At the same time, two audiences are participating in your fundraising efforts, albeit from different locales.

Tips For Successful Virtual Event 

We hope that by following these steps, you will be able to make the most of your team’s skills and the capabilities of your chosen tools. We have ten suggestions to consider before you start creating the groundwork for your event.

Don’t Try To Recreate An In-Person Event On The Internet.

Virtual and in-person events are comparable but not identical. If you try to replicate a live in-person event online, you will miss out on some of the digital medium’s fundamental advantages. Don’t just throw up digital replicas of live events and call it a day. Allow everyone to participate! Concentrate on the experience while making the most of your technology.

Instead Of Using A Standard Video Conferencing Application, Use Virtual Event Management Platform

Not all formats are made equal, but not all internet communication tools are created equal. While using your current video conferencing software for an event may be tempting, this is not necessarily the best option. When you assess your needs and objectives, you may discover that your go-to team meeting software isn’t up to the task for presentations, donations, engagement, and monitoring.

Fortunately, software like the OneCause Virtual Event Center is built to take virtual events to the next level! These tools focus on the main factors that define your vision, present your story, deliver great content, and persuade contributors, with fundraising at the forefront.

Interact With Your Audience At Your Event

The last thing anyone wants to do is sit for hours listening to speakers. Even the most exciting stuff becomes white noise after a while. So, how can you keep your audience interested in what you’re saying? There should be at least 5 minutes of attendee involvement for every 15 minutes of presentation time. The extra effort put in to keep guests interested will undoubtedly pay off!

Give Yourself Plenty Of Time To Plan And Test

Most virtual event roadmaps recommend that event preparation and production take three to four months. You may prevent the frustrations of miscalculating your timeframe by carefully examining the time it should take to complete your steps. Above all, don’t forget to test your work.


Organizing virtual fundraising events used to be a time-consuming and frustrating procedure. Hosting them used to necessitate specialist knowledge and teams of engineers and support personnel to ensure the events went off without a hitch.

We now live in a world where many tools are available with user-friendly interfaces, rock-solid durability, and unrivaled adaptability. Virtual events can be hosted by anyone with minimal technology and a little persistence.

Virtual events are now open to everyone. Also, internet fundraising isn’t going away anytime soon. So, get on board the futuristic train! If you wish to know more about the virtual fundraising platform, contact the ONPASSIVE team.