Here Are the Coronavirus Facts You Need to Know to Stay Safe

Here Are the Coronavirus Facts You Need to Know to Stay Safe


Coronavirus spreads through droplets that do not stay in the air for long. However, these droplets can travel up to six feet. Those that remain in the air for more than three hours can be a source of the virus. To avoid getting this virus, people should wear face masks. People should also avoid touching surfaces that have the virus.

Coronavirus is transmitted through the air and can be passed through a person’s breath. Because the virus is spread through the respiratory system, droplets can float in the air for up to three hours. This means that an infected person can infect someone near them without displaying any symptoms.

While it is a contagious disease that can spread from person to person, it is difficult to prevent contracting it. Infected individuals may be able to infect others without displaying any symptoms. Keeping a distance from infected people is therefore important. 

It’s essential to stay informed to stay safe and reduce your fear. By knowing what the new virus is and where it originated, you’ll be more prepared to protect yourself. You can prevent the spread of the coronavirus by following proper hygiene habits. Always remember to wash your hands after using a reusable face mask. Hence, it is mandatory to follow certain guidelines as the matter of coronavirus facts for safety and protection. 

  • Wear a mask when outside

It is essential to wear a mask in public places. Wear a mask will minimize your risk of catching the disease. This will help you prevent the spread of the disease and avoid the possibility of getting the coronavirus. Mask acts like a preventive measure because the virus can be transmitted from person to person, and it is difficult to distinguish between infected and healthy people. Therefore, it’s important to keep your distance when you’re near someone infected. If you have a strep throat, call your doctor and stay home until your throat is healing. Stay indoors and away from other people until you’re well if you’re travelling.

  • Follow handwashing procedures

Infected people should use antibacterial soap while washing their hands. This will ensure that they do not infect other people. The infected person should keep their distance from others.  

  • Sanitize frequently

Sanitize before stepping into contaminated areas. Use alcohol-based hand sanitizers that contain 60% ethanol or 70% isopropanol. In addition, you should avoid touching your eyes and mouth while coughing. 

  • Stay away from infected persons

People should be aware that the coronavirus can spread from person to person through aerosols. People should avoid close physical contact with infected individuals. When a person is infected, droplets can remain in the air for several hours. Hence, it is necessary to keep a distance from such individuals. Try to keep at least 6 feet away from anyone with a cough. If you have a cold, don’t touch your eyes and mouth, and try to avoid touching them.


Coronavirus is spread by breathing. As a result, people who are infected should wash their hands thoroughly and follow local guidelines. If they have not been fully vaccinated, they should avoid contact with infected individuals and their environments. If infected people come into contact with others, they may be transmitting the virus through aerosols. Infected people may cough or even breathe in those aerosols.

As the number of cases rises, it’s important to stay informed. You should know that the coronavirus has affected over five hundred million people worldwide. The global warming trend accelerates the virus’s spread, so you should know the latest developments. Knowing the facts about COVID-19 will help reduce your fear of the virus and prepare you for its outbreak.

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