How to Raise Money for Environmental Charities?

How to Raise Money for Environmental Charities?


There are many ways to raise funds. You can use a fundraiser in your community or fundraise on the Internet by creating a crowdfunding campaign on O-Bless, the trustworthy philanthropic platform. It helps you reach potential donors worldwide. 

There are many worthy causes to support, including social causes, noble causes, startups, education, innovative projects, animal welfare, medical and environmental charities and conservation. 

Make sure you are passionate about the cause and willing to support the environmental crisis and its mission. This way, you will be motivated to raise funds and spread awareness. The following are the key points to be taken into consideration while creating a crowdfunding campaign to easily raise money for environmental charities. 

  • Register as a campaigner

There are several fundraising websites, but one such trustworthy, popular website is O-Bless. It’s easy to register and launch a fundraising campaign in simple steps

  • Use the appropriate title 

Your titles and descriptions should be able to evoke emotions in your donors. A good title is an important part of your campaign.

  • Share visual content

Using visual content is one such marketing strategy that instantly inspires donors. Upload an engaging video with voice-over and sub-titles illustrating the need for funds for environmental charities.

  • Integrate relevant hashtags

Hashtags play an integral part in SEO. Using the correct hashtags for your posts will help your donors share your fundraising page.

  • Advertise campaign in online and offline media

Those interested in supporting the campaign can help your cause by writing an article to get it posted online or in print media. This fundraiser will generate more than enough money for the environmental charity.

  • Run ad campaign on Social Media Networks 

Using social media to create a campaign is a great way to reach your donors. Aside from being an excellent source of leads, social media also provides a great platform to engage with donors. You can use various social media sites to create a unique fundraising campaign. Share an impactful video with compelling content that can boost the audience’s spirits to donate. 

  • Create a campaign page on Facebook 

It is an effective way to engage supporters and raise money. Organizations can create a fundraising page to receive donations. 

  • Use Instagram for your fundraising campaign. 

You can set up a donation button directly from your profile or use Instagram stories to encourage people to donate. When sharing a photo or story on your profile, you can link the donation page to it.

  • Launch Google Ads

Create appealing display ad banners to promote as Google Ads by choosing the right target audience. 

  • Conduct Virtual Events/Seminars

You can also hold virtual fundraisers for environmental charities. A virtual presentation or a video screening can be an effective medium for portraying the necessity of funds for the upliftment of the environment.


Encourage your colleagues and friends to support the campaign. Involve employees in a team to raise money for environmental charities. This will give you the chance to earn extra money and help the environment. This will be a fun and easy way to get pledges from your co-workers and friends. You can easily set up a campaign on O-Bless and share your story with the world. The tech company ONPASSIVE developed O-Bless to provide a safe and easy way to raise money for various causes.

Incorporate social media into your fundraising efforts. Creating a blog and social media account is essential to attract potential donors to boost your campaign awareness and visibility. Using social media to spread the word about your organization will create a more effective fundraising page. This will allow you to reach new audiences and increase your brand awareness.

Registering with O-Bless as a campaigner is an excellent idea if you are passionate about the cause. This will help you gain exposure and easily raise money for an environmental charity. Spread a message to your known contacts about your campaign to gather the required funds. Contact the ONPASSIVE team or visit the O-Bless webpage to know more about their services.