How to Win a degree With Crowdfunding?

How to Win a degree With Crowdfunding?

Earning a degree could be challenging if you don’t have funds and want to attend university. Crowdfunding could be the best way to make money if you can market yourselves well online with a compelling story. This blog talks about the crowdfunding essentials you need to know.

Crowdfunding relies on your family, friends, and the general public to contribute to a cause. In this case, it is about the cost of earning a degree. 

Crowdfunding basics:

Crowdfunding is raising money online by creating a funding campaign and asking people for donations. The purpose could be medical, education, etc. You must share your campaign page with your friends and relatives and ask for assistance. Otherwise, you can also promote online through media for the generous people to donate.

To prove yourself worthy to start and be successful in a crowdfunding campaign is to study various scenarios that make you so. Here are a few techniques to study and choose the right one. 

International students

If you are an international student and wish to raise funds for your degree, you should know how to promote well. Tell people why you are interested in joining a particular course at a university. Explain to them your stories. By doing so, donors will be willing to know you and understand your interests. 

Giving some artwork in return

Art students have an opportunity to display their skills online to attract potential funders and the media. The great idea is to give something in return for the contribution made by the funders. For instance, you can give the people a small painting in return for the funds. 

Candidates without grants

Many factors influence a student to seek the assistance of the public. Increased rents, tuition fees, and living expenses could be the possible reasons for failure in attending college. If you can prepare a crowdfunding campaign and approach the Journalists, they will listen to you about your experience. 

How to create a good crowdfunding pitch?

Marketing is pivotal for a successful crowdfunding campaign. Think about how people will support the cause. Specific criteria do exist why people will come to you. Talk about people with an emotional appeal. Thus, you can realize your objective of fundraising. 

l Create a realistic impression. If the goals are genuine, then the success chances are also high. 

l Put effort into promoting your marketing campaign. If you do not have friends, post your page on Facebook and all social media platforms. 

l Don’t just be limited to online promotion. Instead, initiate to express your interest with your relatives and close ones for the required help. 

Benefits and drawbacks of crowdfunding your degree


  • Crowdfunding can gain good publicity. Enhance your chances of meeting your goals with your name 
  • You can graduate from college debt-free
  • Propels you to study well as people have believed you and have contributed their share
  • Crowdfunding campaigns, if proved successful, showcase your dedication and marketing skills. 


  1. A crowdfunding campaign could experience criticism when promoted on a social media platform.
  2. Money could be returned to the donors if you do not do well.
  3. Experience pressure as someone else has contributed to the tuition fees. 

Some common queries about Crowdfunding

Does Crowdfunding costs money?

Crowdfunding platforms charge a certain percentage of the overall funding amount raised. Crowdfunding fees usually range from 5% to 12%. Be aware of the platforms charging more fees than the standard percentage. 

Does the crowdfunding amount need to be paid back?

A crowdfunding amount is just like a grant but not a loan. You neither have to repay nor pay the interest for the amount received. 


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