Top resources for Car Repair financial assistance

Top resources for Car Repair financial assistance

Expensive car repairs can easily lead to a personal financial crisis for many families. Car repair costs can run into the thousands even if you have an emergency fund. The cost of a car repair can easily disturb any family’s budget. It will quickly put you into debt if you do not have enough savings. 

Therefore, there are several car repair financial assistance in the country that can give a helping hand and guide you along the path. Some of the resources below will help you get back on the road safely and quickly. 

For low-income households

  • Working Cars for Working Families is a National Consumer Law Center project that helps families access reliable cars at fair prices. They match personal contributions to the car down payments while working with 120 nonprofits nationwide. They also give low-interest vehicle loans. 
  • There is a nonprofit repair shop in Vancouver, WA, called Carpenter’s Garage. They offer car repair assistance for low-income households based on their ability to pay. They support their neighborhood in this way.
  • Low-income families in the Maryland, Virginia, and DC regions can receive assistance through Vehicles for Change with car repairs. They also sell good used cars for as cheap as $950. 
  • The Good News Garage is another nonprofit that donates reliable transportation to low-income New England households. Additionally, they provide a shuttle program if you need help getting to work. 

For Veterans

  • For those veterans who are facing financial difficulties, Keys to Progress is the one that provides car repairs. They also hold a giveaway event every year at locations throughout the US. In the event, they donate quality used vehicles to veterans and their families. 
  • For injured veterans, the Semper Fi Fund offers support and transportation resources. They provide car repairs and modifications of existing vehicles to accommodate disabled vets. 

Car repair grants

  • A nonprofit named Modest Needs offers short-term financial support to people and their families in a temporary crisis. You may be eligible for their cash grants if you need any assistance paying for car repair or auto insurance. 
  • Residents of either Wayne or Oakland County in Michigan may apply for emergency auto repair subsidies of up to $800. They can also help you buy a quality used vehicle if you are working and need a car. 

For disabled drivers

  • There is a nonprofit named 1-800-Charity-Cars that provides free vehicles to disabled drivers and their medical needs.
  • Cars 4 Christmas is another organization that helps disabled drivers. It serves the residents of the Kansas City area and donates free, reliable vehicles to those who are in need. 


One of the fastest and easiest ways to pay for the repair of your car is through crowdfunding. It is online fundraising that helps you raise the money for your need. Without lengthy applications, eligibility requirements, or endless waiting periods with crowdfunding, there is no need for extended applications. 

There are a few tips that will make sure your car repair fundraiser is a success. 

  • You must write a compelling campaign story while making an emotional connection with your audience. 
  • Explain to your donors how their funds will help you and what crisis you are going through.
  • A video in your fundraising campaign will help strengthen your bond with the donors.
  • The video will make it easy to share your fundraiser on social media.
  • Update your fundraiser and keep your donors in the loop.
  • Tell your audience once you start repairing the car with the funds.
  • Inform the audience once you reach a fundraising milestone that you are excited about.
  • A simple gesture goes a long way; hence, do not forget to thank your donors with a thank you letter at the end of the fundraiser. 

Wrap Up

For emergency financial assistance, crowdfunding is an easy and helpful way to get your needed service. You can quickly raise money with the help of crowdfunding. It can help you get back on the road soon. There are many crowdfunding platforms for car repair assistance nowadays. Some of them are mentioned here, but there are many more.  

Repairing a car can be pretty expensive, and most people used to think about taking a loan from the bank whenever they find themselves in any monetary trouble. Instead of taking a loan from the bank, crowdfunding is an easier and quicker way of getting financial help for car repair.