Unique ideas for fundraising events

Unique ideas for fundraising events

Here are ideas for unique fundraising events. These ideas have been selected from successful fundraising campaigns and proven effective for raising money for schools, churches, and nonprofit organizations. This list includes fundraising ideas for girls’ organizations, clubs, student governments, youth, and singles groups. These fundraising thoughts for fundraising are trendy because they are usually fun to organize.

Thrift Shops: 

One of the most accessible fundraising thoughts is to sell products in bulk at a discount. Items that can be sold include paper towels, shirts, blankets, and other seasonal merchandise. Some popular items include holiday decorations, gift cards and coupons, small appliances, and kitchen gadgets. For example, candy canes, gumballs, and plasticine packages can be sold at a discount. Holiday decorations such as hanging stockings or sprigs of pine can be sold when seasonally appropriate. Seasonal items help to increase sales and attract customers who may be passing through town during a particular holiday.

Carpet Cleaning Businesses: 

Another one of the fundraising thoughts for organizations is to start a carpet cleaning business. Selling cleaning services is one way to generate revenue. A portion of the profits can go towards overhead, dividing the rest between various causes. For example, the money can be used to buy commercial cleaning supplies to promote your business. The money generated from selling cleaning services can buy ad space in local newspapers or magazines. You can also donate your services to local hospitals, shelters, and food banks.

Church Fundraising: 

One of the most successful fundraising thoughts for unique fundraising events is to hold a fundraising service or particular function at your church. This can be done on a large scale, such as a national church event, or very simple. A simple event might mean raffles, with tickets being sold to people who bring a dollar bill. Or it could mean setting up a table outside the church with printed dollar bills for passersby to pick up. If you want to make this a more significant event, you could set up tents for guests or hire a caterer.

Tickets To A Competitions: 

This is another one of the beautiful ideas for unique fundraising events. If there are good people in a particular area, such as music, art, or whatever, you can arrange for them to perform musical entertainment at your fundraising event. Typically you’ll have competition among different teams, and each team will get a certain amount of tickets. These tickets can then be sold to those who want to attend the competition, and the proceeds from the tickets help the team to buy more equipment or materials that will help the performance even further.

Promoting Your Brand: 

One of the best ideas for fundraising is to offer promotional items to those who purchase tickets. You can promote your cause by giving away t-shirts, mugs, hats, key chains, and more. If you do this at an event, you can then introduce your company or organization simultaneously. This makes the consumer feel appreciated, especially if it is for a cause they care about.


Many organizations have a tradition of fundraising. Perhaps you’re already doing this, and it’s one of the most important things you do as a nonprofit. Other common types of unique fundraising events include selling products such as CDs, videos, or other works of art. One idea you may want to consider is creating a clothing line for women, especially if it will be made in your own home. Others include selling unique items such as jewelry, artwork, and the like.

If you plan to hold a fundraising event anytime soon, it’s vital that you plan it carefully. You should have an excellent idea for the products to sell, but you also need to think of how to raise funds for it. ONPASSIVE always follows Unique fundraising thoughts to raise the money you need to achieve your goals.