What are the best crowdfunding sites for a documentary film?

What are the best crowdfunding sites for a documentary film?

Popular Crowdfunding Sites For A Documentary Film

As crowdfunding has been gaining popularity recently, crowdfunding sites have been good at targeting a few specific industries. Whether startups are aspiring to grow or talented musicians willing to make their way into the crowd, crowdfunding is helping every capable person or new startup to succeed.

With such an idea, the filmmaking industry also finds crowdfunding a good idea for making money and earning fame. Unlike the startup idea, crowdfunding can achieve fame and money for film directors and producers if successful. 

Best Crowdfunding Sites For A Documentary Film

Are you aspiring to make a film? Here we have mentioned some top crowdfunding sites for financing a film. 

1. Indiegogo

Indiegogo made an early entry into film crowdfunding. Thus various film aspirants use this platform to showcase their idea.

Before this, it is essential to find the right crowd. Indiegogo supports a few healthy practice ideas. Let us explore them;

1. Encourage other filmmakers by commenting on their posts and sharing valuable resources. Make your relationship strong online by exchanging ideas to develop mutual trust. 

2. Optimize the Facebook and Twitter platforms. Use them efficiently to promote genuine conversations

3. Ensure that posts are appropriate to your project as well as your audience

4. Be honest about sharing yourself personally. You will be understood and will be served accordingly.

2. Kickstarter 

If you are working on your first crowdfunding campaign for filmmaking, Kickstarter is an excellent platform. Its trustworthiness and ease of use make it the best platform. Of course, it is a disadvantage that if you cannot reach your goal, the money you have raised will not reach you. 

While speaking about your story, here are a few questions that need to be addressed:

1. What is the film regarding?

2. Who are the people involved in it?

3. At what stage is the film at?

4. Story relevancy at the current instance

5. The project completion time 

6. Why are you the right person to do so?

7. How will Kickstarter funds help?

Also, present some impressive images to depict what you are doing. Post one or two pictures across your story to turn it more readable. If you lack ideas, do not limit yourself; add your past work or any other applicable work.

3. Gofundme 

Film-making has many expenses to experience. Though there are many ways of filmmaking, here we have listed how film crowdfunding can be effective without paying debts.

Film fundraising is especially valuable for independent filmmakers. Film fundraising serves excellent advantages such as low risk and low cost, and they are more appealing that anyone gets connected to it quickly to make donations. 

Internet and social networking are the power of crowdfunding, which enables reaching out to huge audiences relative to traditional fundraising. Crowdfunding helps raise money immediately with fewer waiting periods. 

How is GoFoundMe privileged to make documentary film fundraising?

1. GoFoundMe serves a variety of tools that make the process of fundraising simple and effective

2. The customer care renders 24×7 service with expert advice to support you in long-term

3. GoFundMe helps reach out to the audience through emails and social media to accomplish your project. 

4. Tubestart 

Tubestart offers many benefits for filmmaking. Hands-Free Rewards Fulfillment service address the challenges filmmakers experience.

Biddable rewards are another unique feature of Tubestart, which enables campaigners to allow the supporters to compete for the chosen rewards by bidding on them. Thus, the campaigners get more cash for a given reward and even enable the supporters to engage in the campaign actively. 

Film and video campaigners can enjoy two significant benefits from Tubestart. It enables you to integrate pre-funding sites such as Thunderclap and Prefundia to give you clarity with amplified announcements. 

Tubestart even allows you to integrate live feeds into your campaign page, which will be mainly used for projects having few tangible final products. Such compelling features make Tubestart an ideal platform for filmmaking and video projects and highly selected for the projects aspiring to succeed. 

The platform works best to look beyond the superficial data and focus more on targeted data to know what works best in videos and filmmaking. 


Each of the above platforms has its benefits. Choose according to your requirements and your pricing plan. We hope that the information will make film crowdfunding easy.