What are the best ways to raise funds during difficult times?

What are the best ways to raise funds during difficult times?

If you are fundraising for a nonprofit organization, you probably already know that times are tough. It’s not easy to recruit volunteers, raise money, and keep donors happy. The first rule is to keep the cost of fundraising low. While it is tempting to cut corners wherever possible, it is essential to maintain your mission and vision.

To raise money, you can organize an event honoring a loved one. You can ask friends and family members to sponsor a pink flamingo and leave it in their yard. You can also include a donation link that takes people to your page. This idea is a great way to raise money for your charity, and it will lift the spirits of lonely individuals. The best fundraising idea is to join ONPASSIVE’s O-Bless, a philanthropic platform that connects with potential donors located across the globe. 

Here are some effective fundraising ideas :

Send fundraising letters

Handwritten letters are much more excellent than emails, and you can make a personal connection with people who are not familiar with your work. You can also ask them to write a short testimonial about your fundraising ideas and efforts. Don’t forget to thank them for their support and let them know they are appreciated! It’s a great way to raise money without spending too much time or money on printing and mailing.

Invest in your fundraising efforts

A nonprofit’s fundraising efforts are more effective if they are efficient. A nonprofit should regularly evaluate its fundraising programs. This allows it to improve its efficiency. It also helps to strengthen its case for giving by making it more attractive and compelling. Moreover, a nonprofit can raise funds by identifying the needs of its customers and educating people about the benefits of the organization.

Try a capital campaign

A capital campaign is an important way to increase donations because it helps the nonprofit build a donor list. It is also important to remember that the nonprofit can’t afford to stop raising funds and building its donor base. It is not good to stop working in the fundraising industry because losing your donor base would mean losing it. Cutting the fundraising budget could lead to a loss of income and programs.

Hold a fundraising party for your cause

You can contact local pools and ask them for a donation day. Involve the community in this event and let them know how much you raise. Besides, this is a fun fundraiser! It’s a great way to raise money. If you’re planning to host a pool party, you can get a discount. If you’re not sure about it, you can hold the event in a public place where people can donate.

Write letters to friends and family

Inform your friends, family, and contacts about your fundraiser and ask them to donate to it. It’s important not to be generic in the letters, however. Instead, you should be as personal as possible. If you want to make them feel more comfortable, send them a copy of your fundraising letter. You can also use coupons and discount cards to raise funds.

A paper airplane competition

You can hold the event in a local park or parking lot. Divide the location into squares, with each square representing a prize. You can line up participants one-by-one and give prizes to the winners. If you can’t find a suitable location in the city, you can arrange the event in a remote part of the country. You can even use a paper airplane contest to raise funds for a nonprofit group.

A celebrity appearance

Several famous people live in different countries, so you can host a fundraiser that features an appearance by a celebrity. You can also make a live stream of the event to spread the word and raise more funds. 

An email campaign

It is a great way to engage supporters and solicit donations online. You can send an email appeal to individual donors, customizing it for each one. It’s also a great idea to hand out printed pictures at a community event. Use fancy wrapping paper and a Polaroid camera to create a photo booth for the event to give these out. The photos can be given to donors as gifts or raffled off to a prize.

An envelope fundraiser

The envelope fundraiser will require you to create an old-fashioned bulletin board. You’ll need to prepare for the event beforehand. You’ll also need a large amount of time and space. The money raised will be used for prizes and other fun events. You’ll also need to consider the target audience and the number of participants.


In addition to traditional fundraisers, you can also organize an outdoor movie night. This can be held year-round or only in the summer. The event can be held at the same time as a movie night. If the location is in an outdoor park, have the movie show in the park and allow people to bring blankets. The goal is to raise as much money as possible to benefit the organization. You can even have a tip jar at a local restaurant to raise funds for your cause.

If you’re looking for a fundraiser that will bring in the most profits, you might consider a phot booth. You can create a fundraising page for a cause that is close to your heart. You can ask friends and family members to make a donation to the fundraiser. You can also set up a peer-to-peer campaign and encourage your supporters to donate to the cause.

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